May I look on thee when my last hour comes; may I hold thy hand, as I sink, in my dying clasp.

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you guys, i’m struggling today. i’m planning my dad’s memorial service, and I’m struggling. if you have any kind words to spare, i would very much appreciate a message. please?

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To donate to the Beat Breast Cancer campaign, text the word BEAT to the number 70007 or 70099


because someone reminded me of it, if you want to do your breast checks yourself: here are the resources!

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Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention to your body.

Samira Wiley
I feel a responsibility to young girls who want to follow in our footsteps. I feel a responsibility to the prison community. I feel like when you get to a place where you’re more visible or where people point at you and say “Samira Wiley, what is she doing?” you have a social responsibility in the world. I’m actually thankful for the amount of responsibility that has been handed to me. I feel very honored.

Anonymous asked:

It's no secret that you have white privilege and thin privilege. Is it easy for you to check your privilege in certain situations or do you sometimes still have to remind yourself of these things? Also does having these privileges make you an ally to POC and people who are fat?

fuckyeahmelissafabello answered:


It’s definitely not easy to keep your privilege in check because you’re not taught to do it from the start — if anything, you’re taught to completely ignore your privilege because you (and society) see it as the default. Anyone who tells you that checking their privilege is easy is a liar. It’s a journey.

As such, of course I have to remind myself. Just last night, I was with two people who are some of the closest to me in the entire world, and they are both men of color, and we were having a conversation where one of them said something to the other about race, and I interjected some pointless comment. That right there? Privilege unchecked.

And there are millions of things I do every single day, I’m sure, that are the result of privilege. I have people reminding me all the time to check my privilege or letting me know that something I said or did was problematic. And that’s okay — so long as you work to do and be better.

That all being said, I strive to work in solidarity with POC and fat people. I feel very strongly about those struggles, and I do my best to raise awareness — particularly with other people of privilege — about them and to support my friends in those marginalized groups. But I don’t get to decide whether or not I’m an ally — only they can.

I hope that makes sense. :)